The Coalition for App Fairness is leading a groundswell of support for building a more open app ecosystem. Find out everything you need to know about CAF and its fight to end Apple’s monopolistic, anti-competitive behavior on the App Store by exploring the following material. If your questions are not covered here, please reach out to us with your questions.

CAF Resources

Digital Markets Act

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The Apple “Settlement” Offer: A Raw Deal for Developers and Consumers

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Debunking Apple’s Biggest Myths

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Advancing a Fair and Competitive App Marketplace

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Debunking Apple’s False Security Claims

How Apple’s App Store Practices are Stifling Innovation

Apple’s In-App Purchase (“IAP”) as a Disintermediation Tool

App Developers vs. Apple: An Overview of the Proceedings in Europe

Coalition for App Fairness Overview

Government Reports & Investigations

Additional Reading

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