Address Big Tech’s Anticompetitive Practices

Recent research conducted by OnMessage Public Strategies and Lake Research Partners found likely voters in both parties back legislation to address the anticompetitive practices of app store gatekeepers. 

The surveys found that 68% of voters think Big Tech has too much power and 79% support efforts by Congress to pass the Open App Markets Act and open up the mobile app ecosystem to competition. In California, polling showed that 69% of likely California voters believe Big Tech has too much power and 75% support the Open App Markets Act. 

Key findings of the survey include:

There is clear, overwhelming, and bipartisan support for Congress to pass the Open App Markets Act and other legislative measures. Across all states and key political demographics, likely voters believe Big Tech companies are too powerful and have not been regulated enough. Likely voters in these key political states are rejecting the arguments being made by Big Tech companies and their allies as they attempt to stave off new regulation. 

“The numbers don’t lie - voters across the country overwhelmingly want their members of Congress to stop Big Tech’s anticompetitive practices,” said Rick VanMeter, Executive Director for the Coalition for App Fairness. “Voters have made clear that they want flexibility and choice in how they access apps on their mobile devices. These findings demonstrate that reigning in mobile app store gatekeepers by passing the Open App Markets Act is a winning issue for Republicans and Democrats alike. Congress has a simple choice: side with Big Tech or support the American people.”


  • On behalf of the Coalition for App Fairness, OnMessage Public Strategies fielded calls in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin between June 4-10, N=1600 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/-2.5%.
  • On behalf of the Coalition for App Fairness, Lake Research Partners designed and administered a California statewide phone survey, conducted from June 1 to June 12, 2022. The survey reached 800 California likely 2022 voters statewide, with an oversample of 200 likely voters who live in California’s new 20th Congressional District (CD-20).
  • Key political states: Memo and Full Results.
  • California: Memo and Full Results.

Open App Markets Act

For too long, app stores have abused their monopoly power to throttle competition and innovation and stifle consumer choice and freedom in the digital marketplace.

The bipartisan Open App Markets Act would rein in these gatekeepers and the unfair and anti-competitive practices running rampant in app stores today to make a freer, fairer, more competitive app economy of tomorrow.

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