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We believe in a free, fair, and competitive mobile app ecosystem that protects consumers and spurs innovation. Read more below about how you can get involved and stay in the loop on legislative developments in the U.S. and abroad. 

Stay Connected

Our monthly newsletter is a great way for all developers, their employees, consumers, and other allies to stay connected to app store legislative activity across the globe.

If you are based in the U.S., you can share your story with your member of Congress and advocate for an open app marketplace.

Want to join CAF? Fill out our contact form and be a part of our growing coalition!

All developers

Our monthly newsletter includes news round-ups and legislative analysis from around the globe as we raise awareness of anti-competitive app store practices and give you the opportunity to advocate for solutions to fix the broken marketplace.

U.S. developers

In addition to our monthly newsletter, developers, employees, and consumers in the U.S. can send messages to Congress through our form below. Tell your members of Congress to pass the Open App Markets Act.

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