Coalition’s Voice Grows Louder, More Than Doubling in Size Since Launch

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) was created with a simple goal – to advocate for reforms that level the playing field within the app stores and preserve consumer choice. In a few short weeks, we’ve attracted the attention of gatekeeper platforms, regulators and lawmakers, app and game developers,  as well as consumers around the world. Also, the first major global platform, Microsoft, announced app store principles which marked a critical moment in our campaign. 

Hundreds of app creators have expressed interest in becoming members and we’re working as fast as we can to evaluate and onboard prospective members. Today we are thrilled to announce our newest partners in this fight:

  1. Beonex
  2. Breath Ball
  3. Challenge App by Eristica
  4. Cladwell
  5. Down Dog Yoga
  6. Gift Card Offerwall
  7. Greenheart Games
  8. Imagine BC 
  9. Mobile Marketing Association
  10. Passbase
  11. Qobuz
  12. QuackQuack
  13. Qustodio
  14. Safari Forever
  15. Schibsted
  16. Snappy Mob
  17. SpanishDict
  18. Sygic
  19. Vertical Motion
  20. YARXI

Our membership is diverse and reflects the global nature of the app economy. From app studios to startups, our members are creating awesome apps across Business, Education, Entertainment, Developer Tools, Finance, Games, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Music, Navigation, News, Productivity, Shopping, Sport, and Travel. 

The creativity and ingenuity that’s driving the ecosystem comes from all over the world. Our members are in Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Some of these companies are speaking up for the very first time, and here’s what they’re saying: 

“As an energetic upstart we were confronted with numerous obstacles created by Apple which stalled progress, impacted our bottom line and, quite simply, created an immense amount of frustration.” – Imagine BC 

“We have seen our app arbitrarily rejected for weeks with no recourse and no end in sight. The App Store policies have been applied inconsistently and we’ve been forced to integrate Apple Sign-in against our wishes.”  – SpanishDict 

“Apple has repeatedly denied the submission of our App due to weird and inconsistent rules. We’ve been denied based on reasons that they applied to us, but other competitors were allowed.” – Passbase

“We had to shut down our 7-year-old company, which was the #4 social app in the US in July because Apple decided to remove our app without a clear explanation. We shared our full story here.” – Eristica

Apple must be held accountable for its anticompetitive behavior. We’re committed to creating a level playing field and fair future, and we’re just getting started. 

Join today and make your voice heard! 

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