CAF Condemns Apple’s Egregious Actions in the EU

BRUSSELS – Today, Rick VanMeter, Executive Director of the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), released the following statement after Apple terminated Epic Games’ developer account. 

“Apple’s ability to exact retribution on its critics leaves no doubt that they will continue to kneecap any potential competitors at any time and for any reason they choose. This egregious action is clearly intended to scare and deter all developers from criticizing Apple’s anticompetitive practices and trying to compete.

“This is exactly the type of behavior the DMA is intended to prevent, yet Apple thinks they can continue to exercise monopoly power over the mobile app ecosystem. For all developers’ sake, the European Commission must not let this kind of abuse go unanswered, and they must reject Apple’s sham compliance plan.” 


The Coalition for App Fairness is an independent nonprofit organization formed to protect consumer choice, foster competition, and create a level playing field for all app and game developers globally. Originally formed by Basecamp, Blix,, Deezer, Epic Games, the European Publishers Council, Match Group, News Media Europe, Prepear, Proton, Skydemon, Spotify, and Life360, CAF has rapidly grown from 13 to 80 members since launching in September 2020. CAF offers membership to companies of any size — join today at

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