Developers Welcome Legislation to Reform UK’s Mobile App Ecosystem

LONDON, UK – Rick VanMeter, Executive Director of the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) released the following statement today following the passage of the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers (DMCC) Bill by the UK Parliament.

“We are thrilled to see the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill passed by the UK Parliament, which with strong enforcement will benefit businesses and consumers across the UK and beyond,” said Rick VanMeter, Executive Director of the Coalition for App Fairness. “The Competition and Markets Authority will be empowered to rein in Apple’s and Google’s control over the UK’s mobile app ecosystem and open it up to fairness and choice for developers and consumers. We are grateful to all the Members of Parliament who worked tirelessly to pass the Bill. This is another major step in a growing, global movement for fair digital markets, in one of the world’s leading technology and consumer markets.”

CAF was also joined by a number of our members in praising the passage of the DMCC, including the CEOs of UK-based companies xigxag, Approov, and Paddle.

“We’re delighted to learn of the passing of the DMCC. Which will ultimately create a level playing field for UK app developers and offer greater choice to consumers,” said Kelli Fairbrother Co-Founder and CEO of xigxag.

“We hope to soon be free of the constraints placed on app developers by the app store monopolies. We look forward to a future where app developers like xigxag can create the best in app experiences for UK customers, without the interference of Apple and Google. The DMCC has the potential to unleash a UK-led wave of innovation within app stores, in-app payment solutions and security and app validation tools for mobile apps, as a result of the disruption of the app store monopolies. 

“A huge thank you to the Coalition for App Fairness, DSIT, and everyone involved in drafting, improving, and getting this Bill passed. It’s a great step forward for the UK app ecosystem. 

“Now, it’s essential that the DMU moves quickly to act – based on the work the CMA has been doing for years. Not all app developers have the luxury of time. Swift action could make all the difference for some market players.”

Ted Miracco, CEO of UK-based Approov Limited, released the following supporting statement.

“The DMCC bill is a game-changer. The dominance of certain tech giants has stifled innovation for too long! We believe the legislation has the potential to shake up the mobile app ecosystem, creating a level playing field and promoting competition,” said Ted Miracco, CEO of Approov Limited.

“The current app tax has been a barrier for many mobile app developers, soon they’ll have more freedom to distribute and monetise their apps beyond Apple and Google’s control. More worryingly, app users have been left exposed to potential threats from malicious apps due to a false sense of security maintained by these gatekeepers.

“By empowering developers to choose their own security measures, once enforced the DMCC will not only level the playing field, but open doors to innovation beyond the confines of the ‘walled garden’ imposed by major platforms – benefiting users, developers, and security start-ups.” 

Jimmy Fitzgerald, CEO of UK-based Paddle released the following supporting statement.

“Giants like Apple and Google currently use monopolistic practices to limit innovation and market access for smaller app developers when it comes to in-app payments in their App and Google Play stores, curbing competition and driving up prices for consumers,” said Jimmy Fitzgerald, CEO of Paddle.

“By enhancing the Competition and Markets Authority’s ability to stamp out these unfair practices and promote competition and innovation in the market, the DMCC could be transformative for thousands of UK app developers and millions of consumers, and will strengthen the UK’s status as an attractive place for digital and software businesses to invest and do business.”

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